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Show your Young Family the best of New York

Exploring New York with your young family can be a difficult and stressful task. Between the demands of “fun stuff” from the younger ones to the teens who want to shop or just “chill” somewhere, it can be challenging to get a happy medium that all are satisfied with and so you can end up wandering around aimlessly, hoping that mythical place where everyone can be happy will simply appear.

Therefore guided tours are simply the easiest and most effective way of seeing New York with a young family. How else could you get to see a whole range of iconic locations which will excite and inspire everyone, within a short space of time and while still leaving enough free time for doing some shopping and exploring if you choose.

What is a Guided Tour with a Young Family like?

Guided tours with a young family can be incredibly rewarding. The sights of New York are breath-taking and you as the parents will find yourself stepping back and seeing the joy and wonder of these great locations while also admiring how your little (and not so little) ones react and interact as they take in the views and experiences. Being face to face with the finest New York has to offer has that effect on everyone, be sure you treat your family when you are in New York. Besides, we at Parrott Tours INC know just the right places…

What can you expect from our Guided Tours with your Young Family?

As specialists in guided tours, members of the Parrott Tours team have the knowledge and experience necessary to organize tours which move at a pace that suits the individual family. In addition, having a guide takes a lot of the pressure off in terms of knowing where to go and ensures that everyone can spend the time enjoying the tour rather than trying to read a map, take in sights and hold the little ones’ hands all at the same time! This is one of the big appeals of tours for young families of course; to have a beginning, middle and end which all are agreed on and which ensures an organized time without having to constantly try and come up with another thing to do. A tour flows in a way that suits both parents and kids in terms of simplicity and enjoyment. Skilful guides ensure that the family stays together and that everyone enjoys each and every aspect.

Who organizes these Guided Tours for Young Families?

At Parrott Tours, we specialize in providing exciting tours which give a wonderful insight to New York, its history and the many iconic locations it plays host to. Sean and Agata Parrott live in New York, right next to the Coney Island Amusement Park, and have over thirty years of guide experience between them. They are parents of three youngsters, so you could not be in better hands! With a wide range of set tour options available as well as the option to “see what you want to see, “we, at Parrott Tours want to work with you to create an unforgettable family experience for you.

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