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Central Park Tour

Central Park, located in the very heart of Manhattan island, amidst prime real estate, is the true gem of the Big Apple crown.  Since its creation in 1879 it became intricately woven into NYC life and experience as a whole—you can’t say you have truly been to New York city without it!  This is where celebrities and New Yorkers alike unite while strolling through countless winding paths or jogging and biking, enjoying a concert or a quiet picnic with friends and family; there’s opera and even Shakespeare in the park!  And this is where one of the worlds most famous marathons has its finishing line—the NYC Marathon!

Inside Central Park

With over 26,000 trees, an iconic ice-skating rink, gables and ravines, playgrounds and playfields and many more, visitors of the past 150 years have been exploring its natural beauty and manmade elements and taking a little ‘peace’ of serenity in the middle of an urban jungle.

The Central Park Tour

During this 3hr tour we will explore some the better-known sites, but also hidden gems of this amazing greenway! Paying homage to the former Beatles’ front man, John Lennon, at The Strawberry Fields, as well as a statue of the Polish king we will swing by the park’s very own castle as well! Refresh at the Boathouse—one of the two restaurants in the park, swing by the iconic Bethesda Fountain, and continue down the Literary Way—Central Park’s oldest mall. Along the way we will talk about celebrities, movies and shows, as well as other events that occur in the park.

Find for your self all the beauty, brilliant engineering, visionary planning, idyllic landscaping and rich social implications that Central Park represents, then and now.  Take a deep breath within “the lungs of New York,” as once penned by William Cullen Bryant, and enjoy a trek through the ‘backyard of New Yorkers.’ With an expert guide get familiar with Calvert Vaux and Frederick Law Olmstead most famous achievement.



3hr/4hr option

Tour time begins at your hotel, ending TBD, at a guide’s discretion.

$300 and up.

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