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The New York Tasting Tour

Have you even been to Ellis Island?  

So do you think you can tell a typical New Yorker story? Yes, this is where over 12 million of immigrants arrived and were processed and sent off to what we now call "living the American Dream.”  These people brought with them not only their whole lives’ belongings, but their unique cultures, backgrounds and foods.  New York City has been known for decades as the cultural melting pot.  With over 100 ethnic groups and cultures cohabiting, interacting, interchanging ideas, tastes, and perceptions within a relatively small space, claiming a slice of one’s own NYC cake can be challenging.  

The Flavor of New York

When you take a slice out of the "Big Apple" you can get an surprising fusion of flavors; you can learn a lot about New York life just by eating. Take a journey with Parrott Tours as we embark on a true adventure around the world in two days!  During our time together, we will travel from Eastern Europe along the streets of the Lower East Side, through the streets of Little Italy and Chinatown to the quiet streets of Greenwich Village. From savory to sweet we will delight your senses and make you hungry for more! From small joints, through fashionable street carts/food trucks and modern food halls, we expose you to the best kind of diversity in our city.  Coffee from Sweden, or a little corner neighborhood café; celebrity chef inspired food hall or a food market; cronut or a crepe; we will even find a High Tea and honor the Queen! We will build a unique itinerary that suites your taste.

All about the Tasting Tour

Our Tasting Tour is particularly recommended for seasoned travelers, travelling with a purpose and culinary agenda; or those who have been in New York City before and are trying to find something new and totally cool to do! This tour also works great with Corporate groups, incentive tours, or Team Building Activities.  Newcomers, old-timers and locals of all levels are welcome to discover new flavors, or simply refresh their old taste buds.  The sky is the limit—possibilities are great. We can explore just a section of the city or travel the world of culinary delight! Whether you are looking for “the best pizza or a burger,” the oldest bar or a speakeasy in the city, or just want to warm up with the best coffee in town and pair it with a famous doughnut maker we will turn in into a fun, fast-paced adventure.  Let us know what you wish for, or let us guide you through the culinary maze knows as the Greater New York City



The tour is priced based on the amount of participants and the duration of the tour. We recommend 3-4 hours.  The price does not reflect the venue/vendor pricing, which shall be billed on consumption. Maximum 12 participants per guide.  The itinerary, flow of the tour and choice of venues is subject to change, based on availability, and at guide’s discretion. Starts at $400.  Transportation available upon request at additional cost.

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