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The Five Fountains Tour

The unique itinerary of this tour is drawn along the path set by some of the most iconic NYC fountains (Peace, Bethesda, Columbus Circle, Pomona and Prometheus—time permitting also African Burial and 9-11 Memorial). Guests will travel on foot or subway (vehicle available for additional cost) while listening to fascinating stories behind their creation.  As we visit these once popular architectural elements, we visit some of the city’s neighborhoods, focusing on the Midtown.

All about the Five Fountains Tour

Questions of ancient functionality and symbolism vs. modern premises and symbolism against the historical backdrop will provide the focal point of the approximately 3hr Five Fountains Tour. However, every corner of this city is bustling with history, anecdotes and mysteries, so join us to unravel some of the hidden truths and behind the scenes…

As this tour offers a unique combination of old-fashioned artistic mannerism bridging questions of ancient functionality, symbolism, and modern premises raised by these sites along with the historical background will concern this tour.

The Two Cathedrals

We will visit two Neo-Gothic cathedrals (SJTD and St Patty’s) and learn their respective architectural styles, artwork and struggles to build them.  These two tenets of traditional building in a modern city will be compared with the example of the Art-Deco (so-called the American Gothic) style represented by the Rock Cntr with its notions of becoming the ‘modern cathedral.’ 

Walk through the park to showcase a true environmental sculptural masterpiece.


Meet at the Columbus Circle, walk up through CP to the Bethesda Fountain, down towards Plaza Hotel, walk south Fifth Ave to Rockefeller Center; subway to the library and Bryant Park. Tour concludes at Grand Central Terminal.

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