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The Nickle Tour

This is one of our basic-tours-for-beginners, designed for true NYC first timers.  By choosing the Five Senses Tour our guests will explore New York City using all of the five senses. Inspired by a classic New York City tour, and our play-on-words sense of humor (five cents/five pence in a nickel), Parrott Tours gives you a chance to enjoy the city with the sense of wonder and enchantment that only an open mind and a warm heart allows.

The Ideal New York Tour for first time visitors

If this is your first time in the Big Apple, it can become overwhelming task to pick the direction for sightseeing or just the right attractions that fit your interests and lifestyle.  But during a walk with Parrott Tours  you will get to experience an overview of this vibrant city; we will help you unscramble its various complexities and contrasting elements; we will let you taste a slice of the New York pizza pie (both literally and metaphorically!);  we will walk the places where you can listen to all the sounds of one of the largest cities in the US.    As we meander through streets and spaces, don’t forget to let your nose be your guide! And do remember to take as many photos as you like—pictures are worth 1000 words!!  And although there are strict rules and regulations with regards to touching NYC, we even got you covered there: with a subway ride and a quick visit to the Museum of Touch, located in Queens, our five senses have been fully engaged!.

Feel Like a New Yorker

At the end of our time together you will feel like a local, walking the streets with purpose and exploring the neighborhoods. We ride the subway and move around on foot to see as much as we can. This is our custom tour which allows you to tell us how much of the city you want to see and we design the day around your wishes.  We create a one of a kind, unique experience that will be 100% yours! If you don't know what you want to see and experience, then relax and let us give you our side of the city.  From Chelsea Markets, to the Brooklyn Bridge, Chinatown and Koreantown on one Main Street, real Little Italy and a ride on the ferry—we visit all five boroughs that make up the Greater New York City!

A New York Tour for YOU!

Remember that at Parrott Tours, everyone is treated like a friend in from out of town and we show you the sights that we know you will enjoy. As all of our tours, the Nickel Tour operates per request, small groups, families with small children, slow pace, Active Older Adults/Seniors. Special rates for groups above 20 guests and corporate/incentive programs apply, so be sure to reach our Reservations Team for more information.  All tours begin at your convenience-- your hotel lobby, unless otherwise specified.  We recommend 4-6hrs per day, 1-3 days.  

Please choose from our menu—we offer all that you could ask for and more!



All tours begin at $300 for 3hrs; 6hrs is $525. Our tours are conducted walking or by subway.  Metro cards not included. Transportation available upon request at additional cost.

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