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The Five "Sense" Tour. Explore New York City through the use of all of your senses. This is the classic New York tour. We give you a chance to enjoy the city like a local, to walk the streets and explore the neighborhoods. We ride the subway and move around to see the most we can. This is our custom tour which allows you to tell us how much of the city you want see and we design the day around your wishes. If you don't know what you want, then relax and let us give you our side of the city. Remember that at Parrott Tours, everyone is treated like a friend in from out of town and we show you the sights that we know you will enjoy.




When you take a slice out of the "Big Apple" you get an incredible mix of flavours. Journey with us as we take you around the world. We will travel from Eastern Europe along the streets of the Lower East Side, through the streets of Little Italy and Chinatown to the quiet streets of Greenwich Village. From savory to sweet we will delight your senses and make you hungry for more!



When you choose a tour company started by and artist and an art historian, you know we are going to want to show you the art scene in New York! With hundreds of art galleries and some of the finest museums in the world, New York City has it covered! Come with us as we explore what is hot in the art market now or enjoy a stroll through the work of the legends of the art world from antiquity to today. Contact us for a customized tour.

Explore New York City's beginnings with a private walk through the Financial District. See where America was born while walking down Wall Street. See where George Washington took the Oath of Office in 1789 to become America's first president and gaze upon the New York Stock Exchange. Face off against the Charging Bull and see how Fearless you are! Enjoy breathtaking views of the Brooklyn Bridge and The Statue of Liberty. We will walk the streets and see over 300 years of history as you hear the stories of how America's greatest city was born. Visit the 911 site and get a personal account of the greatest tragedy in America's history since WWll. Hear the stories of that fateful day and see how a city recovers and heals. Explore the Memorials for the Twin Towers and learn about the recovery and rebuilding of the World Trade Center. 





Take a walk across the most famous bridge in the world while hearing the stories of how John Roebling designed the Eighth Wonder of the World. Learn about the Roebling curse and how it takes a woman to finally complete this majestic bridge. Hear the stories of tragedies and triumphs as the cities of Brooklyn and New York are connected. Explore the beauty of Brooklyn Heights and enjoy the gorgeous brownstones and townhouses that line the streets of America's first suburbs. Walk the cobblestone streets of DUMBO's artist District and explore the restaurants and art galleries. Stop at famous Grimaldi's Pizza that traces its lineage back to America's first pizzeria. Try the delicious ice cream at The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. 




Whether you are a family with kids, an office looking for an engaging and fun Team Building Activity, or a group on a Singles Night Out this tour is made to order! An exhilirating, fast-paced adventure through the city, or a jaunt in a museum ,we promise many discoveries await you!


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