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Parrott Tours INC is Sean and Agata Parrott and an assorted cast of friends. They moved to New York city from Tennesse for Sean and Poland for Agata, with a desire to embrace its rich history and culture.  Eventually both wound up becoming tour guides, and have been showing the city since 2004 and 2000, respectively. Sean and Agata met while working on double decker buses, and continued to grow professionally as freelance guides offering step on/private/walking tours.  
Sean and Agata married in 2008, had their first child two years later and established Parrott Tours.  Combining a love of the city and family life with the Arts ( Agata has an MA in Art History and Sean a BFA in Painting), they created a company that embraces the unique energy and beauty of NYC with a desire to show it off through an artistic lens.

Today, Agata and Sean reside in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn where they are raising their three children Emilia (8yrs old) Vincent (5yrs old) and Nicholas (2yrs old). They live next to one of the oldest amusement parks in the USA, Coney Island which they love to show off as well.



The Parrott Tours philosophy is based upon the belief that you should get to see the sights you want to see. Tours are about making connections and sharing views. We don't give tours the same way twice because everyone is different and have different tastes. We want you to stop and see the city up close and personal. We like to take breaks and try new things. There is always time for stepping in to a new store or shop or grabbing a bite at one of the venders along the streets! We show you New York the way we enjoy it and every tour is about showing new friends what we love about the city and experiencing it with you.
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