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Why Walking Tours are the best way to see New York

There’s so much to see, so much to experience and so many options to choose from – you could be forgiven for wondering how on earth you could possibly choose. For some, there are very specific things they want to see, for others they have a vague idea or just want to experience New York life.

No matter what you want to do in New York, you can improve and add to the experience by having a walking Tour Guide show you around.

Walking allows you to “Feel” New York

Of course, the things you want to see and sights you want to visit can be reached by the subway or in one of New York’s famous yellow cabs. However, while those are recommended experiences in themselves, you will miss the essence of New York if you do not see the streets and lanes that make up this great city.

Walking tours bring up unique surprises

Sure, you can come to New York and do the things you planned or that were recommended to you but if you do these while walking, you allow for unique surprises which can become unplanned highlights. The street performer who is maybe playing your favorite song and the amazingly diverse aspects of the city and its boroughs all combine to make New York what it is and will add hugely to your stay.

The uniqueness of New Yorkers in their “natural habitat”

It is often said that what makes a visit to a city is the experience of meeting and seeing its people. New York has a rich diversity of people from all backgrounds, cultures, ethnic groups and places, and to experience this and to “walk a mile in their shoes”, you need to literally walk on the same streets they walk on. Some will talk to you, some won’t, some will push past you, others will invite you to their restaurant or store. This is New York and these are New Yorkers; don’t miss out on this!

The best way to really see New York is to choose a tour guide that knows the city and to tell them the types of things you are most interested in. They can then advise and guide you on the best way to see these things and to really immerse yourself in the city. Walking tours add so much to visiting New York and are bound to contain many of the highlights of your visit!

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