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Sightseeing in New York City

Visiting New York is an adventure for even the most experienced tourists and so it is well worth taking time to plan your sightseeing. Ensure you get to experience the highlights but also the less well-known areas which can add so much to your visit!

A favorite location for New Yorkers and tourists alike, this breath of fresh air in the midst of the New York offers a chance to sit back and relax while taking in its beauty. A stroll through the park can give your senses a moment to reset on your visit to New York before going on to the other sights. Famously used in more films than any other site in the world, come and see what the fuss is about.

A symbol of New York, the Brooklyn Bridge is a jaw-dropping feat of engineering that has hugely contributed to the growth of the city. Famous as a backdrop to images of New York, take the time to get some great photographs from various angles and then walk across the almost 1600-foot bridge spanning the East river. Not to be missed!

We all remember where we were on that awful day, and when visiting New York, it is vital to take some time to stand with the city at the site of this awful atrocity. An event that shook the world has become the source of New York’s resolve to grow again and the 9/11 Memorial site is a testament to that. You have heard all about the villains in this event, come to the Memorial to learn about the many heroes and the rebuilding of the surrounding areas.

The Chelsea Market in New York’s borough of Manhattan is a treat that has to be experienced. A blend of various eateries and shopping options, the market contains great food and eclectic stores which offer many unusual and interesting items. Make sure to check out the Chelsea Market Events page to find out what will be on during your visit.

The Met Museum is the third largest museum in the world and there’s a lot to see—something interesting for everyone! Stand in front of some breathtaking landscapes of American nature, while learning about important founding fathers of what eventually became known as the American School of Art. From Thomas Cole, John Singer Sargent to Jackson Pollock and Andy Warhol our guests will leave with an appreciation and knowledge of American Art, rivaling the better-known European counterpart.

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