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New York Tours that are a Little Different

With all of the options available to visitors to New York City, we have put together some tours which are a little different, which explore the depths of the city and its people, to give our visitors something more than the usual sights and offer an alternative way to see the Big Apple.

A Tour of Central Park

Central Park is possibly the world’s most famous park and while for some, visiting New York should be all about the buildings, hustle and bustle, and sights, for others – the serene and outstanding beauty of Central Park in the center of New York will be the highlight. The Lungs of New York has a rich and interesting history of its own which should not be missed and this tour covers it all.

The Five Fountains Tour

Explore the city through the five famous fountains of Peace, Bethesda, Columbus Circle, Pomona and Prometheus. A wonderful opportunity to go through the city and take everything in as you explore the questions of ancient functionality and symbolism vs. modern premises and symbolism of these five favorite resting spots for New York locals. The tour also includes stops at two famous cathedrals – SJTD and St. Patty’s – for a look at these two examples of the finest Neo-Gothic architecture.

A New York Tasting Tour

New Yorkers love food and for a restaurant to make it in New York it must serve the best food and offer something a little different to the rest. Our Tasting Tour has a wide range the options from street food at food-carts to the best coffee or pizza in the city. We can discuss the types of food you are interested and customize a tour around that. New York’s food scene is world-renowned and our tasting tour is sure to whet your appetite and leave you longing for more.

Bespoke New York City Tours

At Parrot Tours, we want you to experience the New York you have come to see – and more… For this reason, we are more than happy to put together elements of each of our tours to suit you or to include other things you feel you must do when in New York. We understand that everyone has different reasons for coming to the city and that not every tour suits every visitor. Contact us to discuss your ideas and let us make your dream New York visit a reality.

Multi-Day New York Tours

As you know, there is a lot to see in New York, far more than can fit into one day. Why not talk to us about our multi-day tours to ensure you make the most of your trip. Whether you would like to pack in two or three tours in a couple of days or begin and end your break with guided tours, we can ensure that you go home having seen the greatest city in the world in all its glory.

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