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Discover New York City

New York City – There’s so much to discover!

From the bustling streets of Madison Square and Broadway, to the world-renowned sights of The Statue of Liberty and the 9/11 Memorial, New York has it all and more than you could possibly wish for. Experience some of the best shopping districts in the world, home to the biggest names in fashion. Wonder at Central Park – the world’s most used location for movies. Gorge yourself on the eclectic mix of high cuisine and street food across every possible ethnicity. Then at night, go out and explore the city that never sleeps.

5 Must See Locations in New York City

Narrowing down the list of locations for you to go to while in New York is not easy. However, we have put together a taster to whet your appetite for your New York trip which is made up of a variety of locations to suit a variety of tastes and include some of the lesser known but equally worth visiting areas.

1. The Statue of Liberty

Yes, we know you have heard of it but no list of must see sights could not include this symbol of the Big Apple – the sight that has welcomed people arriving by boat and plane to New York for almost 150 years!

2. Little Italy, Chinatown and Koreatown

Small tastes of different cultures with the best cuisine created by those who came looking for a better life in our beautiful city. The sights, smells and tastes of these areas makes them truly worth a visit.

3. Central Park

The Lungs of New York are the perfect spot to relax and take a break. Popular with tourists and locals alike, you will see all kinds of people in the park as well as some of the wildlife and scenery that are in stark contrast to the built up areas surrounding it.

4. The Museums, Art Galleries and Cathedrals

No, we couldn’t pick just one of these to add to the list. The wide range of museums, art galleries and cathedrals in New York are all worth visiting for those interested in culture. The well-known Met Museum is an obvious choice and not to be missed but there are a huge range of others that are worth visiting too.

5. The Brooklyn Bridge

A sublime piece of architecture that changed the course of New York City forever by bringing together two cities to become the one we know today.

Want to Discover more of New York City?

Talk to us at Parrott Tours about what you want to see and the types of locations that attract you. We can put together a guided tour, customized just for you and your family or group and ensure you get to experience everything you want to see.

Find out more about Parrott Tours by exploring the Tour Pages

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