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A Guide to Corporate Tours of New York

When it comes to organizing corporate events and outings, there is a tendency towards having an outing, meal and then after dinner drinks. When it comes to New York however, there is simply so much to see and do! At Parrott Tours we can build a program that is unique, memorable, and will make your client keep coming back for more!

This is why guided tours are increasing in popularity in the corporate event market. Getting to see a wide range of iconic locations within a short space of time while still leaving enough free time for solo exploring and the mandatory meal and drinks afterwards is the idea way to spend a corporate event.

What is the purpose of a Corporate Guided Tour?

The World Trade Center
The World Trade Center

Put simply, to bring people together with a common purpose and interest with the aim of creating bonds which can then be transferred into the working environment upon returning to the office. People who have had memorable experiences with each other tend to not only work better but also work happier. The trust and friendship built during one of our tours, as part of a Team Building Activity, can be a beginning of closer relationships and the opportunity to see people for who they really are behind the suit and tie.

What can you expect from our Corporate Tours?

As specialists in guided tours, Parrott tours have the knowledge and experience necessary to organize tours which move at a pace that suits the group. In addition, having a guide takes a lot of the pressure off the organizer in terms of moving people around and ensures that the organizer can spend the time enjoying the tour rather than trying to deal with their colleagues. This is one of the big appeals of corporate tours of course, to have a beginning, middle and end which ensures flow and engagement of everyone involved. With our experiences staff your experience of New York City will simply overshadow all other corporate events. Our guides also provide crowd control and efficient movements to keep the group together, so that the planners can also truly relax and enjoy their own program!

Who organizes these Corporate Tours?

At Parrott Tours, we specialize in providing exciting tours which give a wonderful insight to New York, its history and the many iconic locations it plays host to. Sean and Agata Parrott live in New York, right next to the Coney Island Amusement Park, and have over thirty years of guide experience between them. You could not be in better hands when it comes to having a guided tour. With a wide range of set tour options available as well as the option to “see what you want to see”, Parrott Tours want to work with you to create an unforgettable teambuilding and entertaining experience for you.

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